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Whale watching expedition

Femre 5 Étoiles highly recommends going on a whale watching expedition in either Tadoussac or Les Bergeronnes during your vacation.

The majestic Saint Lawrence seaway is very big and you will be surrounded by its size and its silence, then, all of sudden, and unexpectedly at a distance, you will hear a sound coming from the blowhole of a whale. Then all eyes, both young and old, are set on this mysterious and fascinating creature: the whale.

13 types of whales can be seen in the St-Lawrence seaway. The most commonly seen whales are the Minke whales (10 meters long, weighing 10 tons), Fin whales (18 meters long, weighing 40 tons), porpoises, immaculately white Beluga whales, Humpbakc whales (often see their tail when diving).

Finally, last, but certainly not the least, the famous Blue whale, which is the largest water mammal in the world. It is between 20 and 30 meters long, and you will undoubtedly be very impressed when seeing this whale.

For additional information on the whales, please consult www.baleinesendirect.net

There are 2 types of boats for whale watching:

Whale watching on a large boat from Tadoussac : Observation aboard a cruise boat with naturalise onboard, who will share with you, his/her passion and knowledge on various marine mammals. You will end your whale excursion with a short cruise in the Saguenay Fjord! Boat capacity of 500 passengers.

Whale watching excurison on a zodiac from Tadoussac or Les Bergeronnes : a zodiac is a more adventurous boat, but very safe, with a 360 degree vision of the surroundings. Special isothermal jacket and pants included. You are guaranteed a sensational expedition! Zodiac capacity of 12 to 24 passengers.

Learn about our whales and nature package deal : meals and one overnight with a whale watching excursion.

It will be our pleasure for you to live such a magnificent whale watching excursion!