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Dog Sledding


Dog Sledding

Enjoy this very unique and legendary adventure in snowbound trails overlooking the majestic Saguenay Fjord: dog sledding, a memorable winter activity and experience in Québec. Using our beautiful forest trails, you will learn how to drive and brake with the energy of our sled dogs; visit our kennel where you will have the opportunity to caress our husky and malamute dogs. Our dog sledding excursions are available for everyone (beginners and advanced). All outings are done with a guide (an experienced and passionate dog shedder), who will share his knowledge with you by showing you how to harness and drive the dogs and sleds. All necessary equipment will be provided (Nordic suits supplied upon request). Ferme 5 Étoiles specialty: inviting you to drive your own sled.

For expedition fans, please see our dog sled packages.


Adult (Solo*)$ 76Initiation starts: 7h30 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM and 3 PM

Student (12-17) (Solo*)

$ 65
Accompanied child (6 to 11) (Duo)$ 49
Accompanied child (3 to 5) (Duo)

$ 39


Adult (Solo*)

$ 124Half-day starts : 9h30 AM
Student (12-17) (Solo*)$ 99
Accompanied child (8 to 11) (Duo)$ 79
DAY (7H)
Adult (Solo*)$ 224Day start : 9h30 AM
Student (12-17) (Solo*)$ 199
Accompanied child (10 to 11) (Duo)$ 169
Adult (Solo*)$ 329

Expedition start : 1 PM

Accomodation : Yurt

Student (12-17) (Solo*)$ 299
Accompanied child (8 to 11) (Duo)$ 249

* Taxes not included

Depending the size and autonomy of 12 years old and more children, the guide can put them in Duo at the same cost.

* If an adult have health restrictions and can't to be in Solo, there may be possibility to be Duo at the same cost as in Solo.

* If physical constraints do not allow an adult to be in Solo, there may be possibility to be Duo on a team at the same cost as in Solo.